How To Get Rid Of Your Old Box Spring

Beds are not made to last forever. When your bed wears out, it is important that you recycle and dispose of your box spring in an appropriate fashion.  

Get Your Box Spring Picked Up On Bulk Pickup Day

The first thing you should do is call your garbage company, and see if they do bulk pickups. Many garbage companies offer bulk pickup days every other week, or once a month, for different areas. On bulk pickup days, they will haul away larger items that you would normally need to take to the landfill. 

Some garbage companies provide bulk pickup days as part of your regular service, and with other garbage companies, you will have to pay extra and schedule a bulk pickup.  

You also need to see if the garbage company has any rules for the pickup of mattresses and box springs. Many garbage companies will require you to wrap it up in plastic.  

Take Your Box Spring to a Landfill 

Next, you can get rid of your box spring yourself by taking it to the landfill. You will need to have a vehicle that you can load your box spring into and drive it to the landfill. This will require you to load the box spring safely in your truck, and you will then need to drive the box spring to your local landfill. You will have to pay a disposal fee at the landfill, and you will need to remove the box spring from your vehicle and carry into the dumpster or trash drop-off area.  

Recycle Your Box Spring

Another option is to recycle your box springs. This will require you to take apart the box spring, and remove the metal in the box spring, which is going to be the most valuable recycle part. You will want to separate the metal, wood, and fabric from one another before taking the materials to your local recycling center.  

Hire a Service

You can also hire a specialized service to get rid of your box spring for you. You would pay a fee to have them pick up your box spring for you, and then they would scrap, recycle, and get rid of your box spring without you having to do anything else.  

If you have an old box spring that you need to get rid of, you can see if your local trash company or junk removal service will pick it up, you can recycle the box spring, arrange for a service to pick it up, or take it to the landfill yourself.