Residential Waste Management: 3 Tips For Improvement

Americans produce a significant amount of trash on a daily basis. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that each person produces an average of 4.4 pounds of trash daily. In general, it is important to figure out ways to reduce consumption. However, it is a good idea to look for ways that you can dispose of waste to positively impact the cleanliness of your community and safety of the environment. The great thing is that making changes does not have to take a lot of effort. Here are a few things that you can do to improve your garbage removal needs at home while doing something good for the environment.

Utilize Biodegradable Trash Bags

While plastic trash bags make it easy to collect trash and store garbage at your home, it takes hundreds of years for plastic to properly decompose, which places the environment at serious risk. To reduce this type of impact on the planet, you should consider utilizing biodegradable garbage bags. Similar to standard trash bags, biodegradable bags can hold your trash reliably and in a sanitary manner. Unlike plastic bags, though, these bags will decompose in a matter of months once they are placed in the landfill, making them a smarter, safer option for the environment.

Compost Food Waste

Instead of throwing leftover food in the garbage can, opt for creating a compost pile somewhere in the backyard for your food waste. Compost is considered a balanced mixture of food waste and leaves, grass clippings, and other organic plant matter. Over a period of time, these materials will break down in order to form a soil that is rich in nutrients that you can use in your very own garden.

Avoid Dumping

When you have large or unusual items that you need to get rid, you should avoid squeezing them into your garbage can or simply dumping them—after all, some items just don't belong in landfills. Instead, sizable items like electronics, furniture, and appliances should be set aside and picked up by a reliable junk removal service that guarantees appropriate disposal and recycling.

The aforementioned steps will help you keep the environment and your community safer and greener. When you are dealing with garbage and aren't sure what to do but you want to make sure that your garbage is disposed of safely and responsibly, do your homework and locate a garbage service in your local vicinity.