Handling Your Construction Cleanup

When you are trying to keep your worksite clear after a project, it comes down to being organized and getting the helping hand you need. It pays to look for professionals that you can rent or buy dump trailers from and to organize your cleanup in a way that is the most effective. To get things rolling, follow these strategies. 

Survey the Project, Get Your Hands on Dump Trailers, and Organize the Cleanup

Proper planning is the first order of business when you are trying to handle a cleanup project. Start by looking through the solid materials that need to be hauled away, in addition to the biosolid materials that need to be handled with care. By breaking down the scope of the project point by point, it is easier to execute and make sure that it is handled correctly. 

You'll want to reach out to different professionals to get your hands on dump trailers, garbage bins and more. Look into the size of these fixtures and be sure that you have operators that can handle the equipment. Buying these trailers will cost you between about $8,000 and $10,000, and you can also look into saving money by getting a short-term rental. 

Know How Biosolids and Construction Materials Will Be Disposed Of

As the project comes together, be sure that you're focusing on safe disposal and eco-friendliness. When you are breaking down these projects, be sure that you make provisions for biosolid materials. This particularly is important if you are dealing with properties where utilities and sewage have to be moved or deconstructed. 

Be sure that the dump trailer you rent or buy is built to handle these materials. Also, be sure that the professionals operating the equipment are experienced enough to handle the waste you're dealing with.  Communication is important during this project cleanup. Everyone involved should know what stage of the cleanup you are in, what personnel is required, and which parts of the site are off-limits. Be sure that you use fluorescent tape, mesh fences, warning signs, and other markets and barriers to systematically handle your cleanup piece by piece, in a safe and organized manner. 

You also should know exactly where your dump trailers are going and how they will be used. The more you know about such matters, the easier it'll be to avoid fines and penalties and be responsible for your cleanup. Consider these tips when you're handling any construction cleanup. Contact a company like Duffield Hauling INC today for more information and assistance.